Monday, June 24, 2013

Scrapbook page "Barock"

So bye this time I think you know what paper I´m going to use today. But yes of course! The panduro design "cirkus" paper pad. Today the paper is a green one with clovers and withe distressing. And the photo you ask, is of my late horse Barock. "Bamse" as he was known was a amazingly kind dressage horse that I was supposed to compete with. Unfortunately he injured his hoof and did not get better. So this is for he.

With this page I want to add some more white, the photo of Bamse is of him in the snow and I so I want bring that to the layout. So I have taken a piece of old grunge board that don´t have any pieces left, so I use the negative. I choose one and mask of the others. Then I just take some white paint and a sponge and paint away. One in each corner.

Sense the page already is distressed in white the flourish will not "jump" of the page, it will be more discreet. If you want yours to pop, choose a color that is in contrast to the background.

  When the paint is dry I take out what I think I wnat to use. My dymo, pearls (from Panduro), flowers, the photo (the edge is distressed), brads (from Victoria House of Design), pearl swirls (Zva) and some leafs  (from Petaloo).

Then I just put it all together.

And this is what happend.

Love Julia

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Scrapbook page "Cheval"

We have come to page 7 of the panduro design paper pad "Cirkus". Today that layout is for my old pony Cheval "Walle" how became 28 years old.

To be honest, this design is not amongst my favorites but I think that makes it more perfect for today. Some times you don´t have that perfect design at home and that came be frustrating. So I´m going to show you how I "make it work".

The top and bottom I paint in white and make a form of cloud shape. Then I spray with my own mixed glimmer mist in blue and brown. Added a stamp from Tim Holtz and the flourishes I just filed in with a black marker. This way the page is lighter but still have the beautiful flourishes.

Now for the fun part! The photo with a handmade- paper photo mat get some company on the layout. Blue flower from prima, white from petaloo, pearls from Queen & co, pearl swirls from Zva, brads from Victoria's design house and dymo label. Oh and I almost forgot the piece of lace on the left side o the photo.

And this is how it all came together. Now scroll up and look at the design one more time. Bye just enhancing some elements and tone some down you can get a completely different design.

Don´t be afraid of chancing the paper, make it your own.

Love Julia

Saturday, June 22, 2013

scrapbook page "Fridolf"

Dog no 3 then. It´s Fridolf and because he is a he I thought I would make a more masculine layout without flower. Don´t get me wrong here, I love flower but sometimes it´s just not right. But it can be hard, cause we use flowers as a filler and pop of colors.

This is another paper from the Panduro Design "cirkus" paper pad. It´s white and blue and fits perfect for the photo of Fridolf that I have chosen.

But we start with some grunge board from Tim Holtz. One flourish and one hinge. Today I use nail polish (I´m not- so- secret- obsessed with nail polish)  to get that metal look on the hinge and on the flourish. I start with a base coat with light green on the flourish and grey on the hinge. Then on the flourish I took a "mermaid" colored polish. It´s like green and blue with gold glitter (love this one! from H&M) The hinge got a coat with a silver polish that really looks like liquid silver.
Just think about what some nail polish can do, true magic...

So when the grunge board have dryad I put all the things that I think I want to use on the layout.
Some fabric tape in light blue and a white with blue polka dots. The photo with a photo mat of craft paper. And a dymo title.

The flourish a cut in half to place on each corner. The fabric tape I just cut till small "flags" to make a boarder at the top of the page. I did find some small light baby blue pearl that I put on the flags.

There is no question in what this layout is about, a dog in snow. And I think this is a perfect example of how a paper can enhance that feeling in the photo, of cold and snow. Sense the paper is distressed with white that really picks out the snow feeling.

Want to know more about Fridolf? go to

Love Julia

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Scrapbook page Kerstin

Why chance something good? So I sticking with the Panduro design "cirkus" for a couple more of layouts. Today I ´ve chosen the backside of one of the designs. This one is a distressed with pink hearts. I the photo of this layout is of one you might all ready know. This the one and only Kerstin!

Here I start with laying out what I´m going to use. A photo mat out of craft paper, a prima flower, petaloo flower and leaves and behind the photo I have a prima packaging. Sense it´s for Kerstin I wanted a feminine and cute layout.

When it´s a glued down I add some pearl swirls from Zva for that extra touch. As you can see I have taken leaves in brown and gold as well as green and this for bringing out that fall feeling in the photo.

So here is the end result, some pink E-line bling from Prima and a dymo title. I really like the soft and dreamlike feel of the layout and if you want to know more about Kerstin, go to kennel Surround's website:

Love Julia 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Scrapbook page "Waldemar"

Here we have another layout from the Panduro Design paper pad. The pad has 6 design and 4 of each. But the papers are dubbel sided so here are the other side of the this paper The fact that the design of this one is of bunnies fitted perfect for the photo that I choose for today. It´s of our past dog Waldemar, how loved to hunt bunnies.  He was a real champion both in showing, hunting and tracking. Unfortunately he got really sick and past away. So this is in memory of he.

So I have the photo of him, cardstock and some washi tape to start with. I cut the background paper of where the cardstock is and the scrap I later can use for another layout or a card. The cardstock is from DCWV and the lace washi tape is from Panduro also. The border that is from the cardstock brings out the colors in the photo and makes the focal point a bit easier to look at. The black washi tape help to frame it all.

I then took some Tim Holts Grunge Board arrows. This I painted in white, then in silver and then I embossed them with UTEE. When they had cooled down I rubbed them in a black inkpad. They are fasted on the page with screw head brads.

And some finishing touches I put on a dymo with his name and  on another piece of paper I put his pedigree name and his date of birth. My thought was that my mom (he was her dog) could wright about him on the empty spaces.

This is a quite plane layout but I really wanted the focus to be on the photo and later on the journaling.

I hope you like it

Love Julia  

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Scrapbook page "My Princes"

Here are another page made with the Panduro Design paper pad that at lest I call the Cirkus pad. This design is with playing cards and a magic hat with a bunny. But it´s not the bunny nor the cards that made me choose the design it´s the blue color and the soft borders and swirls.

Staring a page I ether choose the photos first or the background. Today I started with this two photos of my horses that are not with me any more.
I start with placing them where I´d like them, crop them to fit and then I distressed the edges with a break blade knife.

Then I choose some flowers, this ones are different Prima flowers with some bling and pearls from the e-Line. The pearls swirls are from Zva in a cream color

And here are the end result. I usually try to make the layout easy on the eye and here I´ve do it in a diagonal. This both frame the focal point, the pictures, and make the layout flow easily. The tittle is a small one in my handwriting and it says, in Swedish, Mina Prinsar (my princes)

I hope you like it

Love Julia

Friday, June 14, 2013

Scrapbook layout

I just got this amazing paper pad from Panduro Design I think it´s called Cirkus, but I´m not sure. Never the less the designs are absolutely beautiful, full of circus motives.  One of the designs was this with the carousel horses and I thought it perfect to a layout of my favorite horses from Strömma, my old school.

Here is the design in a light blue with script, border and a carousel with horses. The carousel I thought so pretty that I wanted to end hands it.

Here you see how it ended out, I just took some regular liquid glue and when it dried it turned clear. I really like how it looks and on the top I just stuck a heart that I had cut out from one of the other papers and covered in crackle accents. I made some pices and put them around the layout.

The journaling spot a made from some craft paper and took a white pen and draw a little design around it. Then I wrote a couple of word about my lovely school horses and then put a heart at the end.

I had heard about washi tape but never tried it but this I love, it fabric tap (?) What ever it´s called I really like it, it´s super easy and looks great. The arrows are Tim Holtz grunge board in harlequin, painted in white and then some blue paint that looks like pearlescent. And some dymo labels.

And here we have the finished layout, not to shabby ;) .
And maybe you remember Nova (Kasanova) From another post? it´s the same horse you see.

I hope you like it

Love Julia

Monday, June 10, 2013

ms Penny Lane

 Good morning to you all. Today is the first day of summer break for my younger brother. I thought that we should do something fun the two of us so at 9 am we went to the stable. This was how ever not his fist choose of summer activity but he took hes camera with him and he took some really good photos.
Here we have the beautiful Penny Lane that I ride when to owner works. I had Penny for a summer years back and now she is 22 and let me tell you she is as spirited as ever. How ever I ride a bit calmer with her now. Any how my 10 year old brother took this photos with any old 4 mega pixel camera, not to shabby ;).

The Shetlands pony Simsson was not in the mood for any type of work this early in the morning. And how can blame him? It was really nice summer weather (even for Sweden) and laying their next to the lake, I wouldn´t got up either.

Love Julia from a sunny Sweden